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Organic Love Fest A Big Success

In the ancient days of my callow youth, shortly after the Big Bang, there existed mystical beings called milkmen. The mystical milkmen delivered dairy-fresh milk to the homes their grateful clients.

Savor Chef Rudy's Supernatural Zucchini

In my Nonna Kate's beautiful Broadway Victorian kitchen, every day was Halloween, because Nonna was a little "oohbahtz" (crazy). She talked to her fridge, her stove, her little Wards Airline table radio and even to her marinara and Bolognese sauces, which she made by the gallon.

And If the Food Doesn't Getcha

Chef Rudy Duran isn't just passionate about food, he and Cheryl Principato who run Alameda's C'era Una Volta, are also passionate about culture. The pair have scheduled two special performances at their restaurant for Saturday, Nov. 5 and Sunday, Nov. 6.

Altruism Is Real Soul Food

Altruism, especially selfless altruism, is one of mankind's most wonderful and enigmatic attributes, and a truly noble aspiration. Altruism is also one of life's great kindnesses; right up there with: not guilty verdicts, presidential pardons, and a girlfriend who still hangs around after you come home from Vegas with "Esmeralda" tattooed across your forehead (and your girlfriend's name is Patty.)

Learn Lunch from Pappo

Pappo Restaurant's Chef John Thiel announced this week he will be hosting cooking demonstrations with receipes provided, followed by lunch, starting July 30.

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