When in Doubt, City Does Nothing

The Alameda Sun has a "Honey Do" list for the city of Alameda.

The list has been growing lately, so we thought we'd share it with the city residents, so each of you can take on your personal pet project and see it through. First of all, take care of the four corners near city hall.

Once CVS vacates its property, city hall will face three corners of essentially empty lots: the abandoned gas station across Oak Street and the historic Carnegie Library across Santa Clara Avenue being the other two. These continue to moulder just under city hall's sleepy eyes, even betraying Andrew Carnegie's legacy to our city.

We recently learned of a resident's bicycle being stolen from behind city hall while he attended a Golf Commission meeting, completing the four-corner tragedy.

A recent traffi c accident on Blanding Avenue brought to our attention how often the Enterprise Rent-a-Car offi ce has requested the city red curb the street in front of its shopping center. The clerks there say that they witness about one accident a month outside that parking lot.

Enterprise says the city has repeatedly ignored requests to clear cars from the street so people exiting the shopping center can see. Then it happened to one of us. A driver leaving the lot couldn't see our publisher Eric J. Kos, and Eric couldn't see him. Result: accident.

We can talk about massive stalled development projects if that's your bent, and we just ask: Whatever happened to Alameda Point and the red-tagged Boatworks buildings? The city continues to stifl e valid investments at Alameda Point, and fall back on the old adage: "That's in litigation" for Boatworks.

Then there's the shuttered railroad building on the Beltline property at Sherman Street. We're happy that the city got that property for a song. But will that mean that nothing will happen to that building for decades?

How about the Pacifi c Avenue home, allegedly a government subsidized property, catching fi re after years of frequent police reports? Does the city subsidize criminal behavior to keep the cops busy?

We at the Sun are running out of faith in our public leaders' ability to get things done. They all sit back on their six-fi gure salaries and cry poor while nothing happens.

"When in doubt, do nothing" should not be our city's unoffi cial motto when we're paying them such exorbitant salaries.

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