A Message from the GABA President

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Wayne Stedman runs DS Techonology Design and is the current president of GABA.

Dear Alameda Sun Readers,

The number one question I get, even before becoming GABA's president, is "What is GABA?" It's a great question to ask any organization and an especially interesting one for the Greater Alameda Business Association. As any good organization should, we are working to better define the answer to that question beyond our historical roots. To learn more about those roots, take a moment to visit the About Us section of our website at www.gabaonline. org/about.php.

So let me share with you what GABA is now and the people who make up this great organization.

The Greater Alameda Business Association is a group of more than 110 business owners in and around Alameda. We do have members from outside Alameda who understand the value of doing business within our great city. As representatives of the business community, our members see the benefit of getting involved, in whatever small way, with other business owners. By joining GABA, they have found the resources they need, goods or services to help grow their business, and developed a sense of camaraderie with other members. They have been able to strengthen their businesses from GABA's educational offerings and learned from other businesses about how to ensure their own continued success.

My own business has been strengthened by joining GABA, and to be fair, the other organizations to which we belong. Some of my clients have come from direct interaction with GABA members or from members referring my services. On the flip side, I have also given my patronage to local businesses by getting referrals from GABA members in the form of insurance, financial advising and banking.

These are all benefits that you can find in many other groups, but what makes GABA special are the warm and inviting members. Most members have commented that the vibe within GABA has lowered some of the barriers that would have kept them from doing business together.

Our events are friendly and laid back. You can meet and interact with other business owners without pressure to do business together. Almost all GABA members that I know have done or are doing business with other members. At each of our events a greeter is there to welcome you and introduce you to other guests.

And if you don't get to meet everyone before being seated, each of us stands and introduces ourselves so your business gets immediate exposure.

The board of directors and I want to continue to expand the welcoming aspect of GABA's character and are working on ideas to increase business opportunities and enhance the value of membership to all. We hope you'll join us at our next event and discover for yourself what makes GABA such a great organization. Thank you.

— Wayne Stedman


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